Debate over Canon EOS 6D vs 7D Topic: Which One Is Better?

The topic about which one is more solid and stronger for the Canon EOS 6D vs 7D is getting more popular nowadays. Everyone has their own opinion, including photographers and photography enthusiasts. Both of these Canon EOS digital cameras are so powerful and come with their own specifications and strength. They almost look the same from afar, but when seen from up close and personal, they look different and totally unique within their own skin. The Canon EOS 6D DSLR is getting a lot of attention since it is just launched by the company, but does the newly launched product always means better than the previous model? Which camera should people buy if they want to get the best?


Canon EOS 6D vs 7D – The Similarities

Both of these Canon EOS cameras come with their own specs and strengths. Some of their strength are almost similar and don’t seem to affect their overall quality. For a starter, the quality of videos these camera produce is almost similar. Both can make high quality or high definition videos with 1920 x 1080 pixel ability, but the 7D comes with 30 fps while the 6D comes with 29.97 fps – very close differentiation. Both of the cameras come with generic flash ability, viewfinder system, opaque mirror, and they also support weather sealing system. The 7D has 131 millisecond delaying time while the 6D has 144 millisecond feature. The 7D has 74 mm thinness while the 6D has 71mm thinness – again, very close and almost similar. Besides the strength, they also have almost similar weakness. Both of them don’t have any auto panorama system, have no flipping out screen, can’t capture anything in 3D model, and don’t have any image stabilization feature.  People can read the Canon EOS 6D review and compare it with the 7D if they want to get clearer ideas.

The Differences of 7D

canon eos 6d vs 7d

Canon EOS 7D

In the “battle” of Canon EOS 6D vs 7D, the 6D is somehow bigger than the 7D and the LCD screen on 6D is naturally bigger than the 7D. There are also several differences and each Canon SLR camera has its own strength and power.

  • It has faster fire ability with 8 fps compared to the 4.5 fps
  • It has internal flash feature when compared to none
  • It has bigger viewfinder coverage when compared to 97% ability
  • It is able to make videos in 24p when compared to none
  • It has 19 focus cross type points compared to 10
  • It has 19 more focusing points compared to 11
  • The shutter speed is faster with 1/8000 s compared to the 1/4000 s


The Differences of 6D

canon eos 6d vs 7d

Canon EOS 6D

For Canon EOS 6D camera, the basic differences from the 7D are covering some aspects, such as:

  • It has bigger sensor ability with full frame 36 x 24 mm compared to APS-C 22.3 x 14.9 mm
  • It has bigger screen with 3.2 inches compared to 3 inches only
  • It has higher sensitivity to light with ISO 102,400 compared to ISO 12,800
  • It has GPS system, it supports HDR system, and WiFi system compared to none
  • It is able to capture more photos, with 980 more pictures compared to 800 pictures only
  • It has better and higher resolution with 20.9 megapixel and 1,040k dots compared to 17.9 megapixel and 920k dots.
  • It is lighter and thinner with 71 mm and 770 grams compared to 74 mm and 860 grams.

From the lists, the basic differences of Canon EOS 6D vs 7D are getting visible.

Canon EOS 6D vs 7D – Conclusion

Of course, people need to think carefully and thoroughly of which of these Canon EOS camera is suitable with their needs. They can always look around and get information concerning the 7D or the Canon EOS 6D sale. The debate over Canon EOS 6D vs 7D doesn’t matter anymore as long as people are able to find the perfect device for their needs.



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